The amazing benefits of eTwo Technology

Whenever any sort of treatment is concerned, initiatives have been taken to further optimize it and deliver a better, more reliable and long lasting experience. In the field of skin treatments, significant strides have been made which gave birth to the ever more efficient eTwo treatment. The process combines Skin Contouring (Sublime) and Skin Rejuvenation (Sublative) to revive your skin and make it seem more youthful than ever. Before we go any further into the topic let’s discuss a bit about the treatment, how to identify if you need one, benefits of the treatment and potential side effects.

How eTwo works for you?

The eTwo device uses a very unique form of treatment. You may have had undergone several procedures in the past but something like this is sure to impress anyone trying it for the first time.

Bi-polar radio frequencies are used in conjunction with infrared lights to deliver a steady high energy stream that reshapes the dermal layer of your skin and it does so by artificially stimulating collagen growth, a remarkable feat if you ask me. This is known as the Sublime process. What follows is another procedure which uses Sublative applications to further increase collagen formation. With the help of radio-frequency, the heat emitted from the device can be effectively focused on a particular location over the skin. This further increases both elastin and collagen formation while minimizing any epidermal disruption that may occur during the process.

The individual benefits of Sublime and Sublative procedures and applications

The Sublime is a wrinkle-free treatment

It drastically reduces any chances of you getting wrinkles on your beautiful skin. The elos technology, on the other hand, ensures that the treatments are safe and have a proper impact on the skin. The treatment is also quite fast, and you will get the results right away. This is a simple process that affects the dermal layer. The goal is to provide you with a much more vibrant skin with lots of elasticity. Therefore, no scars or wrinkles, what remains will be the best possible version of you you’ve always imagined.

The Sublative treatment is a bit more complex

It further focuses that energy to a specific location of your skin. So you can pinpoint the exact spots that you want to appear more vibrant and rejuvenated. Also since the energy is localized in a specific region, with more intensity, there is an increased production of collagen and followed by elastin as well. However there are some mild side effects, nothing to be too worried about I assure you.

Now that we have a firm grasp of the individual procedures in the system, let’s talk about how eTwo does its job, and also what it means.

eTwo is just an acronym for the two combined processes, Sublime and Sublative. It was aimed to create a more effective skin rejuvenating procedure. Both the Sublime and Sublative applications were tested to be compatible with one another. Experts found that once these methods are used in succession, the results will be more immediate, effective and visible with little to no side effects, and even those could be treated with relative ease.

After testing both procedures experts also discovered other revitalizing effects that were not present in the individual trials. A new name was given to this discovery which we all know as eTwo.

Of the many benefits that come with the procedure one of the most noticeable ones is the downtime with even lower procedure costs. Thanks to the localization factor of the Sublative procedure, your skin will shine exactly in the right spots and be affordable at the same time.

Why do you need an eTwo treatment?

  • it lasts longer compared to the rest of the competition treatments
  • experts can get feedback on real-time results as they are operating on your skin
  • you can recover much faster and get on with your life
  • it’s both safe and effective across all skin types

The device also comes with modifications, both of which are carefully designed to expand the treatment options and yield better results. It also has two different pin sizes that help dermatologists focus on specific locations on your skin.

The 64 pin tip

  • only addresses the all over texture and tone of your skin
  • is effective for a broader area


The 44 pin tip

  • is targeted towards smaller and hard to reach locations on your skin
  • pays a more close attention to acne scars and wrinkles on the forehead

eTwo Treatments

Scar Treatment

There are a variety of treatments available for scar removal among which eTwo is a viable option.

Acne Treatment

The eTwo technology helps you can get rid of acne in the most natural way possible.

Skin Rejuvenation

The job of the eTwo device is to make your skin look more young and appealing.

Stretch Marks

The eTwo device is perfect for removing sketch marks without having exposure to chemicals.

Wrinkle Treatment

eTwo procedure helps to regenerate skin and the fine lines will recover in no time.

Promotional Packages

Silver Package

2 big zone applications with 2 small zone applications for £900

You get FREE 2 small zone applications

Gold Package

3 big zone applications with 3 small zone applications for £1350

You get FREE 4 small zone applications


The packages need to be paid in maximum 2 transaction.

We absolutely GUARANTEE results. All you have to do is apply for 3 sessions per zone across 4 weeks. 

We also offer the option to purchase a gift voucher. They are not transferrable, however they are a great way for you to give someone the body they have always dreamed of. There’s no greater gift!


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