meet our team

Meet Our Team

If you are looking for any kind of treatment for your body, it is important to know that you are in safe hands and that you can trust the company you are working with. With that in mind, we thought we’d provide an insight into some of the people that make this company what it is. We have laid everything out in a simple Q & A format, just to make it as easy as possible to digest.

Rodica Carcu

VelaShape London Clinic Co-founder and Physician

Rodica, you are one of the VelaShape London Clinic’s co-founders. How did you contribute to this project?

We had the idea of VelaShape London Clinic in 2015. After my pregnancy I was deeply researching the best available treatments for cellulite reduction and body recovery programs. I found a VelaShape clinic abroad and followed the complete treatment. The results after the cellulite removal treatments massively exceeded my expectations, so we decided to create a clinic in London for young mothers to have access to a fast recovery program for their body.

Tell us more about your position at VelaShape!

My fist job in the clinic was to take care of the booking line. I got the feeling that the people on the other end of the phone line or computer had great stories to tell, and I started to really enjoy meeting new people and listening to their story. At the end of the last year I finished a beauty course and began to work as a specialist with a VelaShape 3 machine. I enjoy doing the consultation for our clients, and love advising them about the best treatments. Everyone’s different, and everyone’s body is unique, so the treatment works differently for different people. That said, we are all extremely well-trained in advising you about the best treatments for your body type. Beauty is important to all of us, and we are here to help you realize your goal.

Roxana Vandici

VelaShape London Clinic Co-founder and Physician

Roxana, tell us about your time with VelaShape London Clinic!

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty industry and have a great interest in fashion. In 2015 we founded VelaShape London Clinic and  my previous dreams of doing what I always wanted started to become more of a reality. Thanks to my visits to Miami, where my relatives work all the time with medical equipment, we carried out research about the most advanced technology for cellulite removal.  From there, we developed the idea of using laser cellulite treatments, vacuum cellulite removal, and anti-cellulite injections.  My role in the company is to ensure the last minute technology is available for our customers. VelaShape London Clinic is exactly where I want to be, as I get to see people coming out smiling, feeling confident and full of life.

What words motivates you the most?

Feeling beautiful gives you self-confidence, which often leads to success!

Ramona Alexoaiei

Physician and Key Member at VelaShape London Clinic

Ramona, what makes you a key member of the VelaShape London Clinic team?

I joined VelaShape London Clinic upon my first day in London, back in 2017. I have always worked in this industry (in different clinics and different countries) and have worked with all types of medical robots. I have graduated as a physiotherapist and specialized in beauty therapy over the past 5 years. It is a pleasure to work with the most advanced medical robots and to see how customers are obtaining their impressive results. My experience helps me deal with patients that are not able to cope with the pain – for example, applying a wrinkle treatment using the “eTwo matrix” or an anti-stretch mark care can be painful if applied by a less experienced therapist.

What is your favourite quote?

Back in the day I was often told, “for beauty you have to suffer”  – well, sorry, but I was born too late for any of that!

Backstage Members

Mr. Corneliu A. Carcu & Mr. Gabriel C. Vandici

Business developers and financial advisers for VelaShape London Clinic.

As a team: Yes we can! Yes it is possible! …or if we can not do it, we have the right contacts to get the job done!

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Gold Package

3 big zone applications with 3 small zone applications for £1350

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The packages need to be paid in maximum 2 transaction.

We absolutely GUARANTEE results. All you have to do is apply for 3 sessions per zone across 4 weeks. 

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